Patients in our clinic are seen by appointment only. Appointments are made for a particular hour and day by calling the office during regular office hours. You may schedule an appointment with the physician of your choice. There are certain times, however, when a particular physician may be unavailable for an office visit because of our hospital rounding schedule, a full clinic schedule, continuing medical education courses, vacation, etc. For this reason, it is a good idea to become acquainted with more than just one physician in our practice. We require that the parent or a legal guardian accompany the child on the first visit.

Children who are acutely ill or who have emergencies will be seen on the same day that the appointment is requested. Routine check-up appointments and follow-up appointments should be scheduled well in advance to ensure convenience. If you are delayed or must cancel an appointment, please let us know this as soon as possible so that another child may have that time slot. We respect the value of your time, so we make every effort to stay on schedule. Sometimes, however, emergencies or the care of a particularly sick patient may slow us down. We will try to notify you if this happens, and we appreciate your understanding.

Your cooperation in four areas of appointment-making helps us to stay on schedule and minimize your waiting time. We appreciate your help.

If your child has a complex problem (example: evaluation of ADHD, behavior problems, or other situations that might require counseling, etc.), or if this is your child’s first visit to our clinic, please indicate this to our receptionist when making your appointment so that she will know to schedule extra time. This will allow our physicians to more thoroughly evaluate your child.

If you have more than one child that needs to be seen, please indicate this when making the appointment so that adequate time can be
scheduled for each child.

Please make an appointment for all visits to our office. Occasionally, a child’s condition demands such immediate attention that there is not time to phone ahead to make an appointment and an urgent trip to our office is appropriate. Examples of these types of conditions are extreme breathing difficulty, seizures, etc. Patients who “walk-in” to our clinic without an appointment for more routine complaints delay us unnecessarily resulting in prolonged waiting times for our patients with appointments. In order to be fair to all our patients, our clinic has adopted the following policy: Patients who “walk-in” to our office without an appointment will be seen by the doctor that day, but only as our schedule allows, usually at the end of an appointment session. With your cooperation we can keep waiting times to a

If someone other than the primary caregiver will be accompanying the child, please send a detailed note concerning the child’s illness and medications. The physician needs to know the symptoms, such as fever, nausea, vomiting, etc. and how long or how often these symptoms have been going on. The physician also needs to know the medications that have been given to the child with the amounts and when the last dose was given. Make sure that this person makes notes or can adequately relay the physician’s instructions back to you. This will save on telephone calls and it will ensure that you will be able to promptly begin your child’s treatment. We also ask that you make sure that your payment is sent with the person accompanying the child. “Billing the parent” is a time consuming expense which will result in higher fees to you. Familiarize this person with your insurance coverage and any co-pays or co-insurance that you may have.

Please call to schedule an Appointment