Newborn Care

Our newborn visits take place when your infant is 2 weeks old. Please call us prior to your hospital discharge to schedule this appointment. Also, tell the hospital which physician will be your main pediatrician so they can send us your child’s records. The newborn visit is a good opportunity to discuss any questions you have with our team, check your baby’s growth, and allow your pediatrician to do a full physical exam. If you didn’t do a prenatal visit with us, we can also orient you to our clinic at this time.  No vaccines are required at this visit, as the Hepatitis B vaccine is given prior to discharge from the hospital.    

If you are having trouble with breastfeeding, our staff can help you troubleshoot.  We do have lactation consultants on our staff, as well as outside resources we frequently use to help support you and your infant’s nutritional goals.

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