Immunizations are a very important tool in preventing serious childhood diseases. In Mississippi, immunizations are required prior to school admission. Our clinic follows the American Academy of Pediatrics guidelines for administering childhood immunizations. Periodically, there may be changes in our immunization practices. It is important to check on new recommendations regarding your child’s immunization status.

Vaccine Information Sheets are available for each vaccine. They are given at the time of well-child check-ups and are available any time when requested. Below is a copy of the vaccine schedule.

Vaccine schedule


Hep B #1

6-8 week old

Prevnar #1, Pediarix #1 (Hep B #2, DTaP #1, Polio #1), Hiberix #1, RotaTeq #1*

4 month old

Prevnar #2, Pediarix #2 (Hep B #3, DTaP #2, Polio #2), Hiberix #2, RotaTeq #2*

6 month old

Prevnar #3, Pediarix #3 (Hep B #4, DTaP #3, Polio #3), Hiberix #3, RotaTeq #3*
Annual Flu vaccine begins*

12 month old

MMR #1, Varicella #1, Prevnar #4

15 month old

DTaP #4, Hiberix #4

18 month old

Hep A #1*

2 year old

Hep A #2*

4-5 year old

MMRV #2, DTaP/Polio #5

11-12 year old

Tdap, Menveo #1*, Gardasil #1*

13-15 year old

Gardasil #2* or #3*

16-17 year old

Menveo #2*, Men B #1*

18 or older

Men B #2*

*Recommended – but not required.

Of note, we do not carry the COVID vaccine in our clinic. If you are interested in your child receiving the COVID vaccine, please contact the Health Department.

It is imperative that you keep an immunization record for each of your children. This record should be completely up to date and always available. It is a good idea for parents to keep this information with them. Of course, we will record your children’s immunizations each time they are given, and this information is readily available to you during regular office hours. However, it is your responsibility to always keep up with your children’s immunization records because it may be very important at the time of an accident or illness, especially if it occurs after office hours. Your child’s immunization record will be required at the time of college admission, so it is important that you have this record available until he/she is an adult.

We will see children who are not vaccinated; however, we will continue to discuss with you at each visit the importance, safety, and efficacy of childhood vaccines. We do not offer alternative vaccination schedules.

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